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Welcome to AACE  

Here at Augusta Adult and Community Education we help learners reach their goals, whether that be completing high school, getting into college, learning English, or joining the workforce. 

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AACE Mission

We are a community of learners enriching the greater Augusta area by creating an engaging, accepting and safe environment, where learners of all kinds can explore and grow.

AACE Updates


Our Services

在 AACE,我们提供从劳动力培训到社区充实的各种计划。要参加我们的任何学术课程,请联系我们的办公室以安排入学和评估预约。对于我们的丰富计划,请单击将带您进入社区丰富的链接。 要让我们来到您的网站讨论我们提供的不同计划,请联系我们的办公室并安排面对面或放大信息会议。

公开招生 - 灵活安排 - 个性化教学

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